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Peace of Mind
Moving Managers

Peace of Mind Moving Managers is a company that can help organize your move, help you figure out what to bring with you and oversee the set up at your new home. More importantly, help you donate, gift, sell or discard all of the stuff you can’t bring with you. 

The Peace of Mind Moving Managers website is designed to be easy to use for all ages, informative and simple while also staying appealing to the eye. The challenge for this project was keeping the website from being overwhelming while also keeping all of the important information.




Discover and Define

Define problem statement

What is the problem that needs to be solved? Develop a "How might we..." problem statement 

How might we create an informative website that is intuitive and simple for older users to navigate.

End user

Creating an Empathy map. Who is the end user? What do they need to be successful?

Group 1.png

Guiding & Design principles






Wire-framing in Figma

Group 1.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 2.57.09 PM.png


Website created with

Visit the live site

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